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The Projects 

Commissions Listed from recent to latest

Lecured at Pomona College


I Youngest ever to lecture to the Rembrandt Club and Scripp's Fine Art Foundation about my life as an artist.

Golden State Mural


This is the initial design with color and key concepts. The mural goal was to be multigenerational in aesthetics with bright colors that appeal to the coffee culture of the city of Placentia. Thus moving away from the brown, gold, and black base colors, into a more regal yet fun environmental look. (Project canceled)

10'x10' Posters


Write a bio for each team member. Make it short and informative to keep your visitors engaged.


    Golden State Coffee Roaster Tee Design


    Seasonal Tee's for Fall. Designed with men and women in mind with the goal of applealing to all generations. 

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    Amiri Fashion Brand Design


    It is a video and I have not figured out how to post those yet :) 

    Shipping Container Mural


    This was a gift to Branches Church Fullerton during a three afternoon period. In total, this was roughly a 12-hour piece done with graffiti-proof spray paint. The dimensions were 20 feet by 40 feet; my largest piece to date. 

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    "He's A Boy She's a Girl" Book Illustrations


    This paid project was done for author Josh Cosa decon of Branche's church Orange County beginning in Nov 2021 and completed in May 2022. For more Illustrations visit my Instagram and I will update the site as soon as the book is published. 

    Illustration out of _He's a Boy She's a Girl_ children's book

     GSCR Tee and Sticker Design for Fall


    Holloween meets a hipster color pallet and good vibe.

    "Book of Prayers" Book Illustrations


    This paid project was done for author Cody Deevers beginning in Nov 2021 and completed in May 2022. For more Illustrations visit my Instagram and I will update the site as soon as the book is published on where to find this children's book. 


    "Thank You Cards" Illustrations


    These are custom Wedding "Thank You" card designs based around the couple's characteristics, love stories, and unifying traits. 

     I hope those that receive these look close to see all the nuggets of personalities and life experiences of the couple! 
    I didn’t think I’d make more than just my own when my artistic friend @breealimaryphotography asked if I could make one for her! I loved designing hers so much because I got to hear about their story and mesh their once separate and now merging lives together on paper for the first time! 
    I hope this is a joy to look on especially for the distant relatives or old friends who weren’t there for the falling in love season but can now catch a glimpse of what their life will look like together! 
    Thank you Bree for trusting me with your little card!   

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